How to recover data from FULL format?

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Please, anyone, help or a advice for my problem...

I tried to format my 2nd HD (partition f: ) into FAT32,
but software formated instead
my D: Win2K partition by mistake (instead of G: )!!!
It was FULL format (not quick), and it happened under
that same Win2K (wich restarted and died). After that nothing have been writtenon that partition. Is there a way to reclaim that data (sector by sector or something) or

they are gone for good? And can I do it myself, cos
I don't have means here in eastern Europe to send HD to DataRecovery firms in US or Canada.

thanks a lot!


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You can use any file recovery program to get some of the data back.. PC Inspector FIle Recovery is free for example.
just a suggestion

type "Data Recovery Program" in the area by any search site(especially google)

any program concerning that is avaible
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