How to reenable DHCP for Lexmark E120n

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How to re-enable DHCP for Lexmark E120n

I have deselected the option "Enable DHCP Client" of my Lexmark E120n network printer via its web configuration page. Now, the printer doesn't acquire an IP address from the router (it reports its IP as and I don't know how to reach its web configuration page (because it doesn't have an IP!). Is there any other way to enable the DHCP option of this printer?
Lexmark's support got back to me with the solution:

1. Power off the printer.
2. Open the printer cover.
3. Press and hold the Cancel and Continue buttons (the top two buttons).
4. While holding down these two buttons, power the printer back on.
5. Wait for the LEDs to blink and go to an error condition.
6. Release the buttons.
7. Close the cover.
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