How to Reformat without CD

By ThaUnknown
Feb 25, 2008
  1. Well i have a HP Desktop that makes my head hurt because it is so slow. It used to be fast but now its rediculous. So i decide to start everything over like it new. I want to reformat everything but i can not seem to find the CD that came with the darn computer. Is there a free way or any way that i can do this without the CD? Free if possible. What are the benifits of reformatting if you think you have a virus? What are the proper backup steps?
  2. SNGX1275

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    If you don't have the CD how are you going to put Windows back on it?

    There isn't any backups that would just clone XP or create an XP install from your existing setup. Even if there was it would be backing up files infected by the virus.

    Reformatting would certainly remove the virus, but if you restore what you had from a backup if you backed up the virus too then you are no better off than you are now.

    I guess it just boils down to how you are planning on getting your operating system back.
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    Check HP downloads for access to your hidden partition. Many HP computers have them, and HP tech support can tell you how to access them.

    You can also call HP Parts at a number on the website, and order a new recovery disk set for under $30... which includes shipping.
    HP will supply them at that price until their stock runs out. If the HP is old, the recovery disk sets are usually all sold out.
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