How to remove a title from the OS Menu in Boot

By byronma
Oct 2, 2006
  1. I have a double (dual) boot in my HD which means two OS in two partitions, one for Win2000 and another one for Windows XP Pro and I boot through the OS menu that comes out in the beginning. The system works properly but my problem was the Win XP that I wanted to upgrade so I used a WinXP new version and tried to upgrade my WinXP included in the boot OS menu. I booted in the XP and from inside XP (the one that had to be upgraded) I used the new version of XP to install (upgrade) it. I just wanted to upgrade the already installed XP to its newer version so when the installation began and the system rebooted for the first time in order to continue its installation, I found out that in the boot OS menu there were three titles instead of two I had before such as:
    1. Wndows XP Professional
    2. Windows 2000
    and now
    3. Windows XP Professional Setup (this means that the system wasn't going to be installed over the 1 choise [Win XP Proo]???

    I immediately stopped the installation by rebooting the system.
    Then I started again and the system was working properly so I entered the Win2000 and I found out that a new directory was added in the C: that came out probably from the procedure of the upgrade's installation. I immediately deleted it and I rebooted the system again.

    All I have to say is that the system works properly with no problems at all BUT my problem is how to delete the third title of the OS menu that always appears as mentioned above in number 3. When you click on it, it says that a DDL file cannot be found so the system cannot continue.

    If someone knows how to remove it, please let me know. It is a fact that no harm has been made in the OS so far because I immediately rebooted the system when I noticed that detail and I presume that I have given you the exact info to understand the problem and answer back.

    Thank you very much for your concern.

  2. LNCPapa

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    Edit your boot.ini in the root of your drive.
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