how to remove error cleaner, privacy protector and spyware&malware protection?

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Jul 19, 2007
  1. i downloaded this bogus ActiveX plugin and got a package of disaster in return, namely, the ultimate defender, the ultimate cleaner, privacy protector, error cleaner and 1 spyware protection thingy..

    i've been trying to fix this and tried the Smitfraudfix and it got rid of the ultimate defender and ultimate cleaner but the rest was still there, i tried the Smitfraudfix many times and it's the same. can u help me? i need help S.O.S.
  2. CCT

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    Try a system restore back before any of this happened.

    If successful, then turn off system restore, reboot, and turn it back on and set a new restore point.

    Run CCleaner to clean up your stray files.
  3. CCT

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    dunno why this happened ??
  4. suz1705

    suz1705 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well, i'm goin to ask this dumb question...

    how can i do system restore? i'm a lil helpless wen it comes to tech stuff..

    do bear with me..
  5. almcneil

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    System Restore is a Windows utility. It takes copies or "snapshots" of the Windows registry whenever a major update is made such as installing/uninstalling a program or Windows update. The registry keeps track of programs and settings used by Windows. If something gets messed up then you can use the System Restore utility to revert the registry back to what it was before the changes were made and, hopefully, this will solve your problem.

    You can find system restore this way: Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> System Restore

    Select "Restore my Computer to an Earlier time" and click Next. Dates in bold have restore points. Click on the most recent date in bold, select arestore point and click Next.

    As for removing spyware, I recommend the following 3 anti-spyware utilities:

    • Ad-Aware 2007
    • Spybot Search & Destroy
    • AVG Anti-Spyware
    All are free and can be downloaded via the Internet.
  6. kitty500cat

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    The infection can probably be removed manually. If none of the above works, please do the following.

    Go and read the Viruses/spyware/malware, preliminary removal instructions. Follow all the instructions exactly.

    Post fresh HJT, ComboFix, and AVG Anti-Spyware logs as attachments into this thread, only after doing the above. Also post here the results of the AVG Anti-Rootkit scan.

    Regards :)
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