how to save video file to hard disk

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Jan 27, 2006
  1. im trying to save a video file from to my harddisk... anyone can help?? thnks in advance
  2. loupegarou

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    Sorry my friend that is flash player. Dont know if it is possible.
    You could run some kind of screen capture software. That might work but with flash it doesnt save to your machine like a normal drive.
  3. N3051M

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    you can try going to the page then open up tools>internet options>Temp. Internet files settings>view files and should be a .fla file or .swf...
    heard this off somewhere but havent tried it myself...
  4. mailpup

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    I've used the method described by N3051M and it works, sometimes. The files were .swf. Evidently, there are different ways of transmitting the flash video because sometimes the actual file cannot be found in the temp internet files.
  5. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    yeh.. those 'different ways' would be called streaming or via a small script to expire the file/not keep it on your computer.. usualy applies to files that the owner of the site dont want you to freely download or distribute eg legal-related stuff/members only etc.. or they just want to keep it to themselves.. and they are a pain to reload when you have dailup since its basicaly not kept in the cache...
  6. Adwin

    Adwin TS Rookie

    This is easy:
    Open the page source code and search for a string with a file that ends with .swf
    Open Total Commander and paste the URL with the correct locator for the file.
    ctrl+n and paste it there.
    Voila, it's on your hard drive.
    In llinux, you can just use wget.
  7. seanp789

    seanp789 TS Enthusiast Posts: 111

    Another option may be to use FRAPS It can capture any video that uses overlay to .AVI and then you can encode to whatever u want from there.
  8. nukacola

    nukacola TS Rookie

    you can use flashfetcher
    now it grabs youtube videos.
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