How to securely display an e-mail address on a website ?

By swishsticks
Oct 3, 2004
  1. I am helping a charity which suffers a lot from spam and virus e-mails. They have a website on which their e-mail address is openly displayed. I guess this address has been visited by automatic e-mail harvester programs because they receive up to 300 spam and virus mails per day.

    I'm not at all technical with websites, so I'm looking for a very simple solution. Would it be more secure to put this on the website, for example:

    " (Remove 500 from the e-mail address)"

    In other words, put an incorrect address on the website, but with an accompanying instruction which a human could read and interpret. Or in some other way to break up the address, like this:

    "abc at (replace 'at' with '@' to send a message. Leave no spaces.)"

    Any basic advice much appreciated. I'm afraid that any technical advice about java script or the like will go straight over my head ...


  2. Nodsu

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    The first version would not be that good since the spam would still get sent to the fake address putting a load on the mailserver or some poor sod who actually has this fake address.

    Another solution would be to put up a picture of the address.
  3. StormBringer

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    I've always liked using something like stormbringer "at" mailserver "dot" com, but Nodsu's idea of the image is also good since bots can't parse an image.
  4. RealBlackStuff

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    A much cleaner solution would be to stick that email-address in a javascript file.

    At the location in the html-page where you want to display the address and/or email, insert the following line:
    <script language="JavaScript" src="contact.js"></script>

    The file "contact.js" looks like this:

    <!-- Begin
    <!-- NOTE: If you use a ' add a slash before it like this \' -->

    document.write('Your Name or Company<br>');
    document.write('10901 Your Road Hwy. Suite 301<br>');
    document.write('Chicago, IL 60060<br>');
    document.write('PHONE: (312) 555-5060<BR>');
    document.write('FAX: &nbsp;&nbsp;(312) 555-5050<BR>');
    document.write('<BR>E-mail us: ');
    document.write('<A HREF=""></a><br>');
    // End -->

    In it's most simple form the file would look like:
    <!-- Begin
    document.write(' E-mail us: <A HREF=""></a>');
    // End -->

    The <br> is a carriage return or "new line"
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