How to set up a xp/2000 duel boot system?

By mgolfbeck
Dec 4, 2007
  1. I am about ready to explode! i have been attempting to set up a xp/2000 duel boot system. It is with a full install win 2000 disk and a full install xp pro disk. I partition the hard drive for the c drive and install the 2000 system, I check it and it works fine. Then I partition the hard drive to install the xp pro system. It installs and it works fine. Both systems show at boot up. I choose the xp pro install and it works fine. I reboot and choose win 2000 install and it does not run. I go back into xp and look on the c drive to see the win 2000 files and it is empty and shows 66mb used, but no files. I will need detailed instructions because I am old and stupid. Please help me!
    PS: Are the XP pre-load files invading the c:drive/2000 install? Files are loaded from the xp pro disk prior to the question---Where would you like to install XP?
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