how to share internet using crossover cable?

By fatality
Sep 5, 2007
  1. I have two computers connected to each other through the crossover cable. I also have a cable internet connection in one of the computer. i am trying to share the internet connection in the another computer but am not able to do so. now what do i have to do to share the inetrnet connection between the two computers?
  2. Ncesh

    Ncesh TS Rookie

    where does this other computer get internet connection from, directly from router, via switch or hub?
  3. fatality

    fatality TS Rookie Topic Starter

    the internet connection is direct. i have two nic cards in this one computer; one is connected to the internet directly and the other one is conneced to the other computer. i don't have router, switch or hub.
  4. JJ77

    JJ77 TS Rookie

    Hi -Computer with internet - if your using Winxp os go the My network places - view network connection right click on Local area connection and click properties go to the advanced tab and check the first box Allow other user ..... it will automatically change ip address - put this ip address in your other pc as your gateway - The internet start working - its so simple ???
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