How to share printer over VPN connection?

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Hi there,
My LAN is using 192.168.xx.xx network. but I have a small office in Indonesia which all 4 users connects their notebook and retrieve email using SecurID(VPN). They are always connected and my VPN gives a 10.10.xx.xx IP address. my printer is network enabled and is plugged to the router(print server enabled). How do i share this printer with the users always connected to VPN. ?? pls help..


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well, if you have a print server on the network, and your outside users are VPN'd in, they should be able to ping to the address of that print server. If they can, you can direct them through the Add Printer Wizard, have them manually configure a new Standard TCP/IP port, and then add the print drivers. After that you should be good to go.


Sharing is no different using a VPN than normal sharing -- that's what the
security risk is all about (but I'll ignore that for this thread).

Just have your remotely connected users click on Add Printer and select the
Networked Printer option -- your devices will show up if you have enabled
File/Print sharing on your system AND have elected to share your printer.


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The difference of the IP ranges does not matter. The gateway of the remote office should know that 192.x traffic goes to the tunnel and everything else goes to the internet. If it doesn't, then you hav to configure it so.

On the server side, make sure that the 10.x network is trusted - your firewall or other software may be blocking this "foreign" IP range.
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