How to Tell Which Core Athlon 64s Have

By MetalX
Aug 20, 2006
  1. How do I tell which core Athlon 64s have just by looking at the die? I want to get a Venice core for my 939 Athlon64 3200 so are there any markings on the die that show that it is venice or winchester?
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    you can tell which core it is by reading the OPN code printed on the heatspreader.

    the OPN code of a 3200+ winchester is ADA3200DIK4BI

    the OPN code of a 3200+ venice is ADA3200DAA4BP (E3 revision) or ADA3200DAA4BW (E6 revision)

    cheers :wave:
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    TY so much guys! It appears that my store sells the Venice core :)))!! So looks like thats what I'm getting.
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