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Well now, here's a face you haven't seen in a loooonnnggggg time.

Hiya gang, been away to long....

I have a quick question I can't remember the answer to. When I bring up Power Desk or Windows Explorer, it always wants to search my CD-Rom, CD-rw and things like that, I know there is a way to stop it but can't remember.

Any help?

P.S. Love what you all have done with the place.


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From Powerdesk Pro 5:
To control the drives that display in the drive bar: Go to OptionsàPreferences. Click the Drives tab.By default, all drives are checked. Uncheck the box next to the drive letter(s) you don’t want displayed. You can also use this to specify what categories of drives you want displayed. If you don’t want, say, removable drives to appear, uncheck that box.Drives that are not checked will not display in the drivebar or the tree list. This doesn’t delete the drive, or any files on it. To have the drive reappear in PowerDesk, just recheck the box.If you have a lot of network drives mapped on your system, or have really small partitions, the drivebar may cut off the last few drive letters. To display the items in the drivebar on multiple rows:

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Look in Powerdesk Help/Index and "find" Drive
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