How to uninstall DAP?

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I wanted to get rid of DAP from my PC and managed to do so but now whenever I try to download anything my browser trys to connect to DAP. Of course it cant because I uninstalled it. This note is what I found on experts exchange which explains the problem perfectly... Unfortunately they wanted me to pay to see the answer.. I thought this a bit unfair! Can anyone help?

Because of this problem I now cant download anything!!

After uninstalling DAP I attempted some downloads. An information window comes up which reads:
"DAP could not be loaded. Please press "back"
button on the browser."

When I press OK a gray screen appears with the message:

"Download Accelerator has added the link to queues.
Press "Back" button to return to normal mode"

This aborts the download.
I cant download!

Thanks I saw the note from experts - exchange.

Problem is I can't download any software to clean up my computer because DAP prevents me downloading anything. The suggestion in exp - exch says to copy the ULR into Leechget interface, but I dont know what this is!!

Any other suggestions would be much appreciated


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Click on Start/Run, type regedit and click OK.
In regedit click on Edit/Find and type in DAP or Download Accellerator Plus and click on Find. Delete any entries you find by rightclicking and select Delete. Press F3 for the next Find until you reach the end.
Make a backup of your registry first.

Alternatively, go to and install Firefox. It has its own built-in downloader.


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Recently installed the current version of DAP 7.5 to test it out then uninstalled it.
The program uninstalled but the Browser Integration did not.
The Browser still passed the download to DAP and then a pop up reported that DAP could not start.

I then found the posted fixes did not work. (UNWISE.EX_)

To fix this reinstall the DAP program and then go to options and uncheck "Make DAP my Default Download Manager".
A warning box will state that DAP is no longer the default downloader. Run the uninstall program.
This fixed the problem for me.
My story of unistalling DAP

Hello all,

I tried every possible methods of unistalling DAP unsuccesfull and I almost decided to live with this problem till my first windows reinstall. But recently I just found on a blog someone who had the same problem and solved it out in another way which worked for me too. I think this will work for many of you and I will just post it here with all the other suggestions so the next DAP victim wont suffer as I did :)


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If anyone really insists on using a download manager (which in all honesty can be useful if downloading from throttled sources)...

*cough*... READ thread... *cough*
new kid

i had same problem with dap i have firefox, tried posted cures, didn't work. i uninstalled firefox then reinstalled firefox DAP GONE
i beleive your correct, i'm so elated to rid myself of dap plus the uninstall and reinstall of firefox must have removed some garbage pc browser is much faster. what do i know i'm just a novice at this juncture! good luck i hope this helped.

if u want to keep DAP and want to play videos or whatnot in firefox, just go to the firefox directory, "plugins" and like stated above delete "npdap.dll". now u will still have DAP and it doesnt interfere with Firefox...


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Dap is not a good programme. It often contains spyware etc, see HERE.

I would urge anyone to uninstall Dap, in the interests of your system security.

If you really want to use a download manager, try the stardownloader from HERE.

Regards Howard :)
Back-button problem after uninstall DAP

Hello friends, even after using add/remove programme, DAP does not uninstall fully . It re-appeared in back-button problem.This forum gave me valuable guidance.To solve this problem, I just searched and removed file npdap.dll .
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