How to Uninstall Windows 2000 on same partition

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Jan 16, 2006
  1. I have installed two OS in one partition (all Windows 2000). I want to remove one of it since it always shows at start up.
    Any Help?
  2. spartanslayer

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    That is very simple. If the only reason you hate the other OS is because it shows at startup, follow these steps. First, click start, and go to Control Panel. Then, click Performance and Maitenance. Then click System. At the very top of the window, there are different label such as, General, Hardware, etc. Click Advanced. Then click the lowest selection, the Startup and Recovery Settings. At the top, select the OS you want to boot, and tell it to not show the list of os's. Good Luck!

  3. A_DOG73

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    Spartanslayer is right about that if you don't want to see it anymore. But it will still be there using up hard drive space. I did the same thing you did one day and I first did like Spartanslayer said. But at that time I had only a 10 gig hd and I was using like 1 gig on the extra os. So I wiped the hd and reinstalled. If you don't mind wasting space on your hd you can take spartanslayers advice. If
    you want it gone completely, I think you have to reformat and reinstall windows.
    Maybe someone else knows how to get rid of it without doing that but that's the only way I know. There might be like a third party utility or program that can delete it somehow. Search google for that too. Good luck
  4. spartanslayer

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    If you know how, just go onto the hard drive and delete the other OS's installation folder. That will remove it! Make sure you don't delete your own! Yikes! :confused:
  5. Samstoned

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    make sure you make a note as to the name given to the OS on install
    first install is usually winnt the 2nd is windows thats for windows 2000
    xp is the reverse
    just have to fig out the one you need to delete
    now in boot.ini you need to erase the line that boots up the OS you deleted
    you have to make that file writeable then make it make to read only
  6. roy315

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    Yes I made it! Thank you very much for the help. Hope to hear more from all of you soon. :hotbounce
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