How to use Headphones and Speakers simultaneously?

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Oct 11, 2007
  1. I have checked everywehre for answers to my question but can't seem to find any.
    I have a realtek AC97 soundcard.
    I have a 3 plug audio input in the back of my CPU and also another 3 plug input in the front. Both audio in jacks are green colored. (so to say that I have no black or white ones.)
    So my question is this. How do I use my speakers and my headphones at the same time? A splitter wouldnt work as a solution for me because I'm trying to work this music mixing program that lets you use your headphones and your speakers at the same time. the programs called Virtual Dj and in the configuration menu I have set the settings to "2 Outputs (headphones and speakers)" and "4.1 card" for the soundcard. My speakers are always plugged in to my CPU's rear green output and when I plug in my headphones to the front green audio output my speakers go silent. What can I do? Somebody please help me!!!
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    This may not be the ideal solution for you but installing a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer will allow you to use both at the same time, at least if you use the supplied Creative software. I have one and it works for me. The PCI sound card has header pins to connect the front panel sound jacks. The Creative software enables this function but I can't say if other software will also work.

    I don't believe the onboard sound supports the use of both rear and front plugs at the same time.
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    ^What he said
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    You can use a 3.5mm headphone splitter to use both speakers and headphones at the same time (I do), just plug it into the jack on the back.
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    It is also possible to adapt your existing case wiring. In order to be able to do this you will need a diagram of your mobo front panel audio wiring and a diagram of your cases front panel audio wiring and a soldering iron. You need to bridge between the audio in and out for each channel.

    Obviously, a mod like this should not be attempted unless you are absolutely sure of what you are doing.

    I will just add that I have done it myself on 3 pc's and it works perfectly.
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