How To View Your Files On The Network

By igold
Sep 8, 2006
  1. Hello everybody.....I am kind of new to the whole network scene. Anyways I have a desktop in my living room and a laptop that I use that is on the same network as my desktop. I wanted to know the best way to just look at all the files from my desktop using my laptop. Is there a better way to just share each folder of my desktop? Thank you.
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    You can right click on the C drive and go to properties then sharing tab. Click on the underlined text that tells you its dangerous, then set it up. Normally you won't want to allow full access, only read only.

    You can password protect it too which might be how you should do it if you want full access to the whole drive rather than read only.

    What you might need to do initially is run the network setup wizard individually on both computers, choosing the same WORKGROUP for each. (at the end of the wizard it asks if you want to make a disk to run on other computers, if xp is on both don't do that, just run the wizard on both).
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