how will i know if my mother board or memory is defective?

By ryandc04 ยท 8 replies
Jan 13, 2006
  1. Hello people:
    can somebody tell me how to know which is deffective? motherboard or my memory?......i turn on my pc but i just see the power light on, my cpu fun is running but my monitor dont have inputs at all, or no display, sometime when i turn it of and back on agian, it starts but there is this numbers keep running for long before it start to dettect the hard drive. but must of the time i realy dont have any input comming from my system unit,,no desply at all...please give me idea anyone.
  2. nork

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    what makes you think the mobo or the ram is defective?
    Have you tried a bios re-set yet?


    A bios re-set can be very important and can be the difference between the pc starting up or not starting up.
    You should always check the motherboard manual as there is a standard method of re-setting the bios but some mobo(motherboard) mfgrs differ a bit, for instance some Pc chips mobos are different.
    Standard method: Unhook your pc so there is no power going to it. Then take out the coin battery. Near the coin battery you will find 3 pins with one jumper. Move the jumper from pins 1 and 2 to pins 2 and 3. In other words, move the jumper up one pin.
    Leave it there for a few minutes, then put everything back the way it was.
    You can always tell if the bios re-set has taken place properly, you should have to re-set the time and date. It not done automatically then the fsb settings have to be set up again.
    Another way to re-set the bios, not fully, but to at least affect a few changes would be to use the setting that says "default" or "minimum" or "standard" or "basic" settings. You only have to click on that and save and exit. This is not the same as a full and proper bios re-set but sometimes it can help.
    There are many individual settings inside your bios that can make your mobo work or stop working, and some settings that do little to nothing.
    You should always read your mobo manual first. If you dont have one then use google to find your mobo mfgrs website and then find the proper manual for your mobo, as well as drivers, bios updates, etc. You should download all you can for your mobo and burn it to a cdr. If this is a new build, doublecheck all bios and motherboard settings with the motherboard manual.

    Last, sometimes the bios re-set took ok but the power supply needs to be reset as well. This happens as a result of trying to boot a pc when there is some problem, something somewhere, like a wrong setting, that results in the power supply not only not starting up, but needing a reset. You can do this using a power supply tester but if you dont have it then follow this:


    Turn power supply off at the back of the pc and remove the power cord, now press and hold the pc's power on/off button for one minute. This is with the motherboard connected to the power supply. Thats all for a ps re-set.
  3. TypeX45

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  4. nork

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    If you want to do a memory scan, run memtest :

    Read the tutorial.
    You have to run one stick at a time to test properly.
  5. TypeX45

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    That will work too
  6. ryandc04

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    Thanx nork i'll try it, and i hope it'll work.....thank you guys!
  7. ryandc04

    ryandc04 TS Rookie Topic Starter


    My other computer have a problem, it pop up some error that says, "this program had perform an elligal oprtn and it will be shut down...aether the exlorer or ypgr more. why is this? and also widows shuts down and blue and white text appears..its says an exception 06 has occurred at 0028: bla bla any key to continue or ctrl alt del to restart...what is going on? please help.....what shuld I do,,do i have to reformat this pc?

    And Nork, i followed you instruction on my broken pc,,,but still i recieve no signal output to my monitor, i replaced the mem sticks; I'dd doned the reseeting too and replaced the video card and still nothing. only the mobo and the processor left untested, now which could be the problem? power is good cpu fun is running HD is spinning...could it be the mother board? what is the symptom of mobo and cpu trouble Mr. Nork? please advice.....or anyone?
  8. nork

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    We will get you up and running, that was only the first step in troubleshooting.
    You need to tell us many many things. For instance, what operating system, all the details of your computer, how long you have had it. Is this a new install? Was the pc working fine before. What did you do before you had the problem? What happened to start the problem, things like that.

    A better explanation of what you did tell us would help as well. For instance, you said " it starts but there is this numbers keep running for long". I dont know what that means. So if you could explain better it would be helpful.
    Then we can help you better.
  9. ryandc04

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    it just start all of the sudden

    the first Pc that broke, OS is 98se coz my pc is old model, first i noticed when i start up there is this counter runing and stop for long before it started to open windows,,,but when it does its says windows is corrupted,, so i reformated it, but then when i start to install it it wont install, and the next time i start, i receive no signal input to my monitor. until then it never started again. I tried changing the mem sticks, the vdo card, still not working, the only left unchecked is the cpu and mobo. the power is working well i can say.

    NOw here is this secont old pc im using 98se socket type celeron 400 mhz i think, suddenly it poped up an elligal opperation notices and and when i close it it get out of the windows and blue with with white text come up and said a serious error had occur due to bla bla bla...need to restart again, when i use yahoo msgr,,,still there is this elligal ops poping up and need to close,,, i cant do anything now...and you know what sometime, it never start opening, though its on but have no signal to the monitor, and when i remove this memstick and place it back again it will start again. but i cant use any application due to this elligal ops poping up. now i need to use a cafe just to ask for help.
    surry guys, i just cant afford to have e new pc. so i need this to workout. thanks
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