HP 5510 All-in-one Printer Keeps Reinstalling Itself

By therudds
Jun 5, 2007
  1. I have an HP 5510 All-in-one Printer and its driver installation software keeps reinstalling itself. Every time I plug in any USB device and every time I restart the computer, I see the Windows installer window briefly flash up on the screen multiple times (at times I have identified that "ICE Setup" is running, then a window that shows a bunch of files being copied "From 'CoverPgs' to 'CoverPgs'" (including files such as "urgent2", "funcover2.tif", "professional(color).jpg", "confidential2.cvr", and a whole bunch of others that flash by very quickly). Each time this happens in bogs down the system, slowing Windows (XP) response time until this self-reinstall completes. Each time, System Restore logs a new checkpoint entitled, "printer driver hp officejet 5500 series fax installed". The next time I plug in my printer, Windows XP goes through the whole "new found hardware" sequence and sets up the printer as though it was the first time it was plugged in. The install wizard then says it needs, "HPZipm12.exe" to continue (which I find in the Windows\System32 folder). Sometimes another "HP 5510

    I searched all over the web and couldn't find the solution, so I wanted to post what I figured out here for others in case they have the same problem: I finally went to "Add/remove Programs" and uninstalled the "HP officejet 5500 series..." entry. I then went to the Printer folder and deleted all the "HP officejet 5500 series" entries (including fax entries). Then I reinstalled the drivers I had downloaded (not sure if these last two steps were needed or not). I then plugged in my printer (which went through the Windows XP "new found hardware" setup again) and now it doesn't keep reinstalling itself.
  2. raybay

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    Talk to HP tech support on the phone. They are amazingly helpful if yours is still under warranty, and still quite helpful even if it is not.
  3. DocH645

    DocH645 TS Rookie

    I too have been experiencing this problem as of this week. It is concerning me as the disk space is continuing to drop because it keeps installing files. Has anyone found a fix for this error? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. bklassner

    bklassner TS Rookie

    A solution to the problem?

    I am having this problem also. When I connect to my computer via our remote web workplace, my HP 5510 keeps wanting to reinstall itself. Has anyone found a resolution to this problem???
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