HP DVD Writer 630c

By Snowy7
Dec 29, 2005
  1. My HP media centre is 13 months old. For no reason, the HP DVD/CD 630c writer has stopped working. Just wants appendable disks. In device manager - 'Location' it says Location 0(0). The DVD 6116 Rom is working fine.
    I have uninstalled the 630c, and windows noticed and reloaded it. It still does not work. There are no new driver upgrades available for this model
    Have been throught the HP doctor thing to no avail.
    I did swap printers - from a Lexmark to an Epson 400 with big connection plug. Could that have done it?
    I have also installed several programmes. Nothing revolutionary - just Microsoft things - Access, Excel etc.
    I am old and know nothing about these things. Help?
  2. CBH

    CBH TS Rookie

    I do know that installing an Epson printer would conflict with a HP CD Writer - I wonder if this would be the same for their DVD Burners.

    As far as I remember the Epson printer changes configuration of the Burner and the work around would be to change the PIO MODE of the port the CD Burner would use.

    The PIO Mode is located in the BIOS of the PC and the setting can be changed, again if I remember correctly try changing the Burner to PIO MODE 3.

    Sorry that I havent anything more relevant.
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