HP launches low-priced Presario

By Julio Franco
Apr 9, 2003
  1. This sure has got to be a first timer for Hewlett Packard, even beating prices of those bottom price specialists like eMachines, the new Presario boosts more than decent horsepower in a package that starts as low as $319 after a $50 rebate.

    For that price, customers get a Compaq Presario S3000V desktop computer that includes a 2GHz Intel Celeron chip, 128MB of memory, a 40GB hard drive and a CD-ROM drive. What they don't get is a monitor, which is sold separately. Shipping is also extra, with HP typically charging around $99 to ship a PC and monitor.

    This new model is only available through HP's build-to-order plan and do not include a monitor. CNet also reports HP usually charges $99 to ship a PC and monitor, though still a good effort that puts out the cheapest PC currently available with the exception of those Lindows powered machines from WalMart.
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