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HP OfficeJet 7140xi Installer Not Working - Rolls Back

By HP7140 ยท 6 replies
Feb 4, 2008
  1. Hello, I am having an issue with reinstalling the Officejet 7140xi software. Initially I had an error stating "Unable to start the application--the Java Virtual Machine cannot be loaded. Class not registered." I was able to get this to not appear by installing msjavax86.exe. I have tried HP 7140xi version 1.13 from their CD and version 1.12 from HP's website. Both of these version will just past the registering point and then the action dialogue box will change stating "Rolling Back". I have tried clearing out all cache, history, files & objects in Internet Explorer....turning off AVG and all other protection software.

    My computer is an IBM T43P laptop loaded with WinXP with 2GB of RAM. I have 1.5GB free on my C hard drive.

    Any assistance you could offer would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you!
  2. subcan

    subcan TS Rookie Posts: 51

    first thing: you need to free up some space on your C: drive. I recommend having atleast 20% free space at all times. your computer needs this to work efficiently. This can likely be accomplished by getting an external drive for your music & video files. If you are like me you probably have many GB's of music and or movies. Think of what you can really do without. If you just have a small drive then you just have to thin out what you do have.

    2) Use Window uninstall and remove the existing OfficeJet software completely.

    3) download and install a trial version of Diskeeper 2008: http://consumer.diskeeper.com/downloads/Downloads.aspx?RId=1220&SId=1&CId=1&Aeid=0&Apid=0
    download the Pro version. If you like it buy the home version. (cheaper but if your going to use a trial, might as well use one of the high versions - has more features that might help with initial cleanup)

    4) Download System Mechanic Pro 7 trial: http://www.iolo.com/SM/7/pro/download.aspx (to register for it you can use wrong name and fake email. eg you@me.com - this will get you the trial without all the spam unless you want to recieve some email 'deals' they are good sometimes) When installing - I suggest that you DO NOT install the antivirus or spyware software. Just install the main program. Once you have it installed - use the Tools/individual tools/enhance protection and run the 'back up or restore registry'. After that use the Tools/individual tools/repair problems and run 'Repair registry problems'. After that use the Tools/individual tools/Increase Performance and run the 'compact registry' on next reboot. - reboot and your registry should be much better. Do not use the defrag in this program. Diskeepers in much much better.

    5) reinstall the Officejet 7140xi software using the latest version from HP. When I install any peripheral devices I never install all the software included on the disk. I just install the drivers. You might have the option to pick what is installed. The only thing you need is the drivers. Windows XP has great built in software for doing the stuff that the 'spam-ware' included on the installation disks can do.

    This should be it and it should work now.

    I know that it sounds like a lot of work and it is, but I have dealt with what you are dealing with many, many times. This is what lead me to not installing the "included" software and only the drivers.

    If you don't want to do all the steps listed above, at least do step one, two, and five.

    The software I have suggested are only programs that I have had the best luck with. Everyone has there own preferences. If you don't like them try something else.
    I hope that I have been of help to you.
  3. HP7140

    HP7140 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks Subcan for your input & thoughts!

    1) I was able to obtain 4GB - 10% of free space on my "C" hard drive which is where I am trying to install this software.

    2) I uninstalled the program with Officejet's CD....Windows uninstaller could not find the program.

    3) I purchased & use Diskeeper 2007 Pro and have for some time.

    4) I use JV16 Powertools 1.3 version to keep my registry clean.

    5) Tried installing the Officejet 7140xi software but it still rolls back.

    Additional tools that are running are AVG Free Edition, Spybot - Search & Destroy, SpywareBlaster, SpywareGuard, Hazard Shield, Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE-Personal & Windows Defender.

    Any other suggestions?
    Thank You!!
  4. subcan

    subcan TS Rookie Posts: 51

    HP7140: I have to appologize for my post. While the points being valid, I was way off base; especially since you gave the error message info and operating system.
    The solution is really quite simple. It is regarding not having Microsoft Virtual Machine (the MS version of Java, that was removed with SP 1a due to legal dispute.)
    Anyways you can read all about the how to deal with it in this technical bulletin. http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/...cc=us&dlc=en&product=91463&rule=45573&lang=en
    I had to laugh when I looked a little closer at the model number. I have the exact same printer (from Costco) and I love it. I have Java on my computer already (downloaded from Sun) so in turn the software installed without a problem.
    On another note. I have mine connected into my wireless network so all my computer print from where ever and it is great. There is a Network only driver at hp:
    It is called the Basic Feature Software/ Driver and that is because it does not have as much useless garbage. I install only the driver and uncheck all the "extra" stuff boxes using the "experts only!!!" way??? Custom install is the only way to go, even for the novice.
    Anyways as usual I have ran a couple of extra rabbit trails.
    I hope that this will actual help you and not waste your time. I am actually sure it will.

    added edit: you still need a little more space. Have you thought about an external drive. Costco sells the WD 160GB drive for $120 and it is a great drive. It has a 6" cable. I put velcro on my lid and have velcro on the bottom of the drive. Now when I don't need it, I just take it off but other than that I can move my laptop around and not yank that cable out. (another rabbit trail)
  5. HP7140

    HP7140 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks again Subcan for your assistance!

    I was able to get the original java error message to disappear by installing the microsoft java (msjavax86.exe). I also checked the sun java webpage which stated I had the latest java version installed.

    HP helped me locate this java information but after that they gave up....stated tier II support was not available for this printer. I would need to purchase a new one. This is when I started the above forum.

    Originally my advanced tab did not show the microsoft java vm area or the boxes to check......but after deleting all the internet cookies, files, cache & objects (multiple java were listed some with same name & versions), I was able to get this area information to appear.
    - Any idea on what deleting the objects in internet explorer does???

    I look forward to trying the basic feature software / driver version.... I do have a 500gb external hard drive but have a hard time putting data here since then I need to carry this hard drive (& power supply & cables) with me.......I like the idea of a smaller external drive being attached with velcro.

    Thanks again for your guidance! Make it a great Sunday!
  6. subcan

    subcan TS Rookie Posts: 51

    I wish that I could be of more help. Is the printer working? Did you buy it at costco, and if so do you still have your receipt? Has my mind a little boggled. You info regarding HP saying that it would require tier II support is not too comforting either.
    Are there other things about your computer that don't quite work the same as the day you got it? Have you check IBM's site for latest drivers and software?
    Just trying to see this from another angle.
    Make it a great sunday also.
  7. HP7140

    HP7140 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes Subcan...The printer does work. I believe it was purchased several years ago from CDW. I tried installing the software from the CD today and it still rolled back. I had exited out of everything possible including AVG. I then installed the corporate drivers only version...which appeared to work. However, after plugging in the USB cable into the printer, an RUNDLL error box came up. Error loading newdev.dll. I then shutdown my computer and started it back up. I removed the HP Cd before it booted back up and a Cwbckver.exe - No Disk Error appeared. I installed the HP Cd and this then went away.

    I originally had some kind of registry corruption occur which made have to reinstall several applications but the only one that I can not get to work again is this HP Officejet 7140xi.

    Thanks for all of your help!

    PS: I have not checked IBM's site for any driver updates.......I am leery of doing this since everything else is working.
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