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HP omnibook xe3 bios password help

By max_gee ยท 287 replies
Jun 28, 2007
  1. I have a dump here from the 24c16 for my hp omnibook xe3

    can any 1 decode the password for me. I have tried ibm pass 2.1 with no luck.


    Attached Files:

    • hp.zip
      File size:
      212 bytes
  2. Traud

    Traud TS Rookie

    remove baterry cmos batery and hdd wait 3,5m and boot only whit ac adapter
  3. max_gee

    max_gee TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I gave this a go, the boot up password has now gone but it still has a bios password.

    I read that if i fill the eeprom with all ff's it will detect a corrupt bios and reset it.

    Will give this a go later, and post findings.

    If some 1 in the meantime knows how the password is encoded, please let me know.

  4. lamo

    lamo TS Rookie

    here's the cleared dump for you.

    Attached Files:

    • hp1.zip
      File size:
      203 bytes
  5. max_gee

    max_gee TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thank you for your help
  6. remzibi

    remzibi TS Rookie

    In xe3 laptop - when you go to bios it will ask you for password - then type key F12 - then you will have 5 digit hash code - give it to me and I will give you master password .

    This for first person for free .
  7. acoling

    acoling TS Rookie

    remzibi my 5-digit hash is 02548 on a HP OmniBook 4150b. Ur help would surely be appreciated.
  8. remzibi

    remzibi TS Rookie

    pass - 6uk3ern

    Enter the bios F2 - type pass as qwerty EN keyboard , let me know the result .
  9. midguard

    midguard TS Rookie

    Hi, I have an old omnibook 900 that is locked out. Hashcode is 15035.

    I have opened it up and looked for a eeprom AT24c164 where the password is supposed to be stored but I cant see it anywhere.

    Does anyone know how to work out the pass from the hash code?

    Thanks, Midguard
  10. remzibi

    remzibi TS Rookie

    pass - 1ftu3ha
  11. midguard

    midguard TS Rookie

    Thanks so much remzibi, It worked and I now have access again!
  12. bandido

    bandido TS Rookie

    Omnibook XE3 startup password

    Hi all. This is my first post and I would like to acknowledge my appreciation of all the invaluable help contained in these forums.

    I hope remzibi or any other contributor will help me to boot up my Omnibook XE3 laptop. Following the instructions I've seen posted here, I've obtained the hashcode which is 06573.

    Kind regards

  13. kiowa

    kiowa TS Rookie


    My hash code is 03605 - could you give me hand? :)
  14. thierryjc

    thierryjc TS Rookie

    Need omnibook 900 bios password.

    Hello, i seek a bios password for an old omnibook 900 that i had.

    The hash code is: 00513

    Many thanks to all
  15. tonybirdiwwe

    tonybirdiwwe TS Rookie

    hello my hashcode is 04811. i have an omnibook 900 and i forgot the startup password can u help me? thx
  16. thierryjc

    thierryjc TS Rookie

    Omnibook 900 password

    go to link removed

    For $25 this guy snt you by mail the good password it work fine.

  17. remzibi

    remzibi TS Rookie

    Thank you Thierry for your comment .
    Many are taking my help but only few write any feedback .
    THX Thierry - I hope your laptop will serve for you long time .
  18. Urusergi

    Urusergi TS Rookie

    Hello! I am in the same situation, I do not discover where is the 24c164 eeprom. Although I would not know to decipher the codes in case of being able to read it. My laptop is HP OB 4150 (without "B") hash code is 11079. If somebody helps me I promise feedback with results in the thread

    email removed

    ...where "dato" must be replaced by my nick

    Thank you very much
  19. Tech Tuch

    Tech Tuch TS Rookie

    Please help

    Hello My friend give me a laptop but i have problem with the bios password please help System Hash Code [ 06013 ]
    Hp Omnibook900
  20. Tech Tuch

    Tech Tuch TS Rookie

    Hi i hope you can help me i same problem forgot password to bios Hash Code is 06013 can you help me`?
  21. kov101

    kov101 TS Rookie

    Hi, I got the Omnibook XE3 with password on BIOS
    I hope some one can help me. The system hash code is 09684

  22. LASERman_pl

    LASERman_pl TS Rookie

    I got master password for Omnibook 4150 from remzibi and it does the job!
    RECOMMENDED! Worthed this money!
    Regards Emil
  23. lightbulb010

    lightbulb010 TS Rookie

    Hello, I've recently obtained an HP Omnibook 4150 with a BIOS password. The current settings disallow me to boot from any media besides the floppy drive. If anyone could help me with my situation I would greatly appreciate it.
    Hash code:08521

  24. Theprepared_com

    Theprepared_com TS Rookie

    How do you guys get the hash code?
  25. remzibi

    remzibi TS Rookie

    Turn laptop on - press F2 - then when password prompt press F12 - that all .
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