HP Pavilion dv5000 problem

By DonnieRay
Sep 2, 2008
  1. I have an HP Pavilion dv5000. When I push the power button, the LED light does not power up. The dvd and volume buttons do. There is a short attempt to boot up, but then nothing. I have tried reseating the ram and cabeling it to a secondary monitor, still nothing happens beyond the short attempt to boot. The monitor remains blank. I am perplexed. Any help out there for a newcomer?:confused:
  2. CCT

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    Do you see a Bios screen when starting?
  3. DonnieRay

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  4. CCT

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    Well, 'some' power is coming from your PSU BUT the CPU isn't active (thus no CPU LED if that is what you meant?).

    So, PSU partial failure, CPU failure, motherboard problems, Ram failure (this is unlikely if you get no error Beeps).
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