HP printer driver needed

By ERICA VINHADELI · 5 replies
Aug 1, 2004
  1. driver

    Please, i need the driver: hpzr3207.dll and i couldn´t get it.

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  2. Didou

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    Please rephrase the question/demand in a more comprehensive way. Which printer is it you're trying to install & on which OS are you trying to install it ?

    It'll only make it easier for us to help you & faster for you to get answers.;)

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  3. Goalie

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    They have a very comprehensive support site there, with drivers. Just search for your printer name (ie deskjet 632c or whatever) and it usually finds the appropriate files for you. Tell it your os and then click through the EULA agreements, and you get the file.
  4. davicious

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    hpzr3207.dll problem

    i had the same problem, trying to install a HP PSC-1210 all-in-one, I lost the setup CD so I tried downloading the drivers from www.hp.com. Everything was going ok, but in the middle of installation the file hpzr3207.dll was missing. I still have no solution. Hope you can help us.
  5. Lady Apache

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    hpzr3207.dll Location of this file on drivers`s CD is: enu/drivers/com_lang/(i na koncu) hpzr3207.dll
  6. boz

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    printer driver hpzr3207.dll

    you have a problem of missing driver hpzr3207.dll probably because you use a driver different from your OS language like an english driver with a chinese Xp or French Xp ... You can find it in :
    C:\temp\HP All-in-One Series Web Release\enu\drivers\com_lang
    (if you have the default path) or try to download your language version of the driver. Else I dunno ...
    May the force be with you...
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