HP psc 1315 headaches

By Sil · 9 replies
May 4, 2005
  1. This HP PSC 1315 all-in-one (printer, scanner and copier) is giving me nothing but headaches. I've tried it on two PCs (one WinXP SP1, the other, SP2) and it has the same problems. I'll try and explain:

    When I connect it thru the USB, the PCs don't recognize it (that "Safetly Remove Hardware" systray icon has to show). It takes minutes to, and when it starts up, I can print, but as it prints, it stops = the PC stops recognizing the printer (the icon gones away). If I print a high-res image, it only does 10 to 20% of it, and goes off. :suspiciou I can't cancel any tasks in that printer queue window. Spoolsv.exe starts using up 100% of the cpu. I end it in Task Manager and restart it in Admin Tools > Services > Print Spooler.

    I tried this: http://torque.oncloud8.com/archives/000384.html but didn't work.

    Then there's this: When the printer's recognized, I unplug & replug in the USB cable = the printer still works. But! If I unplug and replug the power cable, it stays off. Maybe something's up with the power cable?

    Hope I explained this as best I can.

    Help? :(
  2. dgower2

    dgower2 TS Maniac Posts: 238

    Install Latest Driver

    Turn off the printer, uninstall all HP software and search HP's website for possible information on completely removing the software/drivers. Simply using add/remove programs may not be sufficient. Download and install the newest driver/software for the printer and follow all HP's instructions accurately.

    Alternatively, buy a Lexmark MFD as they smoke HPs.

    IMHO HP printers are garbage.
  3. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    If you think HP are garbage, how can you even think about the worst printer makers in the universe?
    Lexmark is absolutely the lowest of the low. And Dell printers are only re-badged garbage (just roooolls off your tongue...) from Lexmark, with dell-modified very expensive cartridges.
    I don't want to start a war her, just confirm a general consensus that Lexmark should not even be allowed to give their junk away for free. (Dell does that for them...)
  4. Sil

    Sil TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 31

    LOL, Lexmark vs HP duel. :D

    Dgower, did what you said and removed everything HP related. Reinstalled latest drivers, and it's working!!

    Except, it still dies printing a high-res image. When I turn the printer back on, it can't resume where it stopped, it has to reprint the whole thing. I have these options: FastDraft, Fast Normal, Normal, Best, and Maximum dpi. It dies with Maximum dpi ("Black render dpi: 1200, Color input dpi: 1200, Color output: 4800x1200-optimized dpi"). Before printing with that, it says it needs min 128 ram and > 400 mb free. I have enough, 5 gb free and 1 gb ram. Anyone have a clue why it does this? :blackeye:
  5. AMD2800+

    AMD2800+ TS Rookie Posts: 51

    The reason why it does it is that you should've bought a Canon. Never any problems, only with SP2 it stopped working but a patch on Canons website (nothing about it on microsofts website, pricks) fixed it up all perfectly.
  6. Sil

    Sil TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 31

    LOL, now Canon. :D I'm trying to fix this on a SP1 atm. Wonder what it will throw at me with the SP2. :p
  7. dgower2

    dgower2 TS Maniac Posts: 238

    Glad to hear it worked, mostly

    My first guess would be that the HP software or hardware is failing and you should return the device if it's still under warranty. At least RMA it back to HP if you can.

    Besides that, could it be saturating the USB? If you have any other USB devices plugged in, try removing them before you print. Also check the event viewer in windows to see if it writes any usefull information when the printer freezes.

    Try toggleing any USB settings in your BIOS.

    Kill any application running in the background before you print.

    If you have Windows 2000/XP, see if the print spooler service closes when the printer stops - you'll see this in the event viewer.

    Hope one of these helps.
  8. dgower2

    dgower2 TS Maniac Posts: 238

    Opinions are like arses...

    ...everyone has one and they usually stink ;)

    Let me reiterate, HP CONSUMER level products are garbage. The Lexmark printers Dell gives away are going to be the lowest, cheapest model that Lexmark offers so what else would you expect?

    HP obviously has the market share when it comes to business level products; this is either attributed to their quality or the ubiquitous "HP" name. I'm not going to take the time to research this but, I would venture a guess that other manufactures are slowly creeping in on HP's stronghold on the corporate market. I say this only based on being in large companies for the past couple years and seeing other manufacture's products.

    My personal experience with HP consumer level products (mine, family's, and friends) has been negative. Driver issues, hardware issues, communication issues, you name it.

    I purchased my first printer that was not HP, my Lexmark X5065, or whatever model it is, and it's AWESOME, fast, comes with great software, it was cheap, and I love it.

    Thanks for the rebuttal.
  9. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    My old colourprinter was a HP Deskjet 690C. The (expensive) cartridges always dried up after a few weeks, so I stopped using it. It has been collecting dust for a couple of years. I could not even GIVE it away for free, so I included it with a used PC I was selling, and got €50.- back for it that way, lol.

    In 1996 I bought the HP LaserJet 1100. Been using that daily ever since. According to the counter I have done over 17'000 pages sofar. I replaced the rubber 'paper catching' wheel once. Only expense is paper and a new toner-cartridge about every 2 years. Prints as good today as on day one!

    That's the difference between HP Consumer (DJ690C=crap) and HP Business (LJ1100=great).

    I have nothing but praise now for my Canon Pixma iP4000, which was cheap to buy, and runs cheap as well.
    Replacement cartridges (non-Canon) colour+photoblack=$6.60, black=$8.30


    I installed a HP PSC 1250 on an old IBM Aptiva (P266/128MB) with W2K/SP4.
    No problems, as long as you don't use the spooler.
    Perhaps you should print direct as well, instead of using the spooler.
    Check if spoolsv.exe wants access to the internet, DON'T let it.
  10. Sil

    Sil TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 31

    Blackstuff, I tried doing that, same result. Event viewer gave me nil (print spooler didn't close, I believe). Anyhoo! Thanks all for the help, but I've given up. Printer is working tho and those images will be printed at Staples. Think I'm almost out of ink too. :p Will look into this prob another time. I'll check the BIOS settings then. Ty all. :)
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