Hp system restore help

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I am looking to do a destructive system restore on my computer. I seem to have a big problem with a trojan on my computer that I got off limewire, it has infected system 32 and when i start the computer, it sends hundreds of windows at me, so it is near impossible to do anything before start up.
I have the disks in order to do the restore and I heard that if you press F1 key at the start up screen it will bring you to the BIOS but it doesn't seem to be working, and if I hold F11, it will bring me to a black screen.
I needed to know a possible solution before bringing it to an expert or having to get rid of the entire thing.

Please help.
ok i got to the BIOS and put CD-ROM as my first priority but, when i start iyt back up it says PC system not supported! Is it possible the recovery disks are outdated?
if it is of any help I have a hp pavilion mx 75

and my recovery disks say WinXP Home Edition: hp pavilion home pc


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Yes the HP discs may be too old. You can purchase a generic Windows XP off-the-shelf disc to get your system back up and running
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