HP won't turns on but doesn't start up - neverending beeping

By HenryG
Mar 7, 2007
  1. EDIT: Aplogies for the insane Thread title, I'm sure it didn't look like that when I worte it, should read:

    'HP turns on but doesn't start up - neverending beeping.'

    Howdy all, long time reader first time poster, I've usually been able to find answers to my problems just by cruising around and searching but this time I'm stumped.

    MY HP desktop computer seems to have decided that enough is enough. I have a young son who likes to press the power button because it is pretty and blue and when he presses it it turns orange (standbye) he was doing this yesterday and it turned off completely (as it does when you hold the button down for long enough.)

    Upon turning it back on it beeps at me, goes silent and then continues with long beeps every few seconds. The fans come on but nothing else happens. The keyboard doesn't light up to register it's connection to the computer, the screen stays blank and when turned off and on again informs me that there is no signal input.

    I have not upgraded the computer at all since it was bought in September 06 and it is dusted regularly. (inside and out)

    I have tried:

    Disconnecting all power, holding down the on button for 30 seconds and then leaving it for 7 hours.

    Disconnecting all power, holding down the on button for 30 seconds, reconnecting and holding F10 whilst booting up - this elicits the response of it starting up for a second, turning off, restarting up and then reverting to the above beeping.

    I have disconnected it from everything such as the printer, screen, modem, mouse and keyboard.

    I am writing this from my work computer so I do not have immediate access to my home comp.

    Help me help me help me.


    ~Henry G
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    Sounds like the on-board or video card has failed. It's time to take the system to a repair shop, or to buy another system
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