HP ZE 4240 backlight won't turn on

By bill0737
Mar 18, 2006
  1. Hi All, I have a HP ze4240 laptop and can't get the backlight to turn on. The screen is dark, but working. If I put a bright light behind the screen or hook it up to an external monitor you can see the display (windows etc.). I have tried this screen on two different motherboards (1 amd & 1 intel cpu), tried three inverters and two video cables. I checked the actual backlight with an external inverter (the one that came with my desktop ccfl's) and it works fine. If the inverter was smaller I would mount it in my laptop but it is too big to fit. Does any one know what turns the backlight on ? I think it must get a signal from the screen but I'm not sure. Thanks Bill0737
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