Huge Problem

By overfl0w
Apr 23, 2006
  1. Hi guys, Ive recently registered to this forum after having a read of few threads conserning the autochk not found issue.

    I am running a HP compaq nx6125 laptop 1gig ram, 2.2ghz AMD Turion64 processor and a 100 gig hdd.

    The problem that I have encountered is as follows:

    I decided to remove Norton antivirus, an earlier edition and decided to install Norton System Works 2006, and shortly after rebooting my laptop did not want to go past a black screen point with a cursor blinking top left corner (not even displaying the windows logo on boot) .... at that point my heart stopped due to the fact that all of my work and heaps of other important things are on the laptop... I decided to stick in an xp boot cd, where i then went to recovery console.. after slightly playing around in there and attempting to at least transfer some data to a 256mb flash card ... i realised that you can not copy no other directories or files apart from the ones in C:\WINDOWS which i found to be a littlebit "unfair" so to speak.

    I ran fixboot and fixmbr, and at that point i have encountered even more problems where it came up with autochk not found - SKIPPING AUTOCHECK and then 5 seconds later getting a buescreen error with "c000021a fatal system error session manager initalization system process terminated 0xc000003a" error, and about a minute after that the computer reboots....

    This ptedit program sounds promising but i dont have a floppy drive on this particular laptop, only accessible media i have is flash card (which is mounted as a drive once i put it in) and usb dongle which is NOT seemed to be descoverable as a drive (perhaps as a boot device maybe???) ... I really just need to get all of my important data off the laptop so i can precseed with reinstallation of windows, but fixing the problem so i can finaly boot into windows would perhaps be an even better alternative.....

    Any suggestions guys on the problem or how to attempt to fix it ????

    Thanx :)
  2. Peddant

    Peddant TS Rookie Posts: 1,446

    I don`t have any suggestions about fixing,but if you just wanted to drag your files off,a laptop to IDE adapter will only cost you $10 ish - like HERE Then you could slave it to a desktop.
  3. overfl0w

    overfl0w TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yeah it doesn't sound like a bad solution, although id still prefer another alternative into attempting to fix it, could be useful for future reference....

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