Huge problems!!!

By demention
Apr 5, 2005
  1. Here goes it... I am having major trouble with my desktop. Initially what happened: While playing a game the game crashed to the desk top. Then the the OS started acting funny and my internet connection went out. I rebooted the PC and started receiving all kinds of errors, virus scanner errors, windows errors, Kernel 32 errors, and various other problems. I was able to get the machine to load into safe mode and attempted to uninstall a few things i thought "might" be causing the problems. But nothing worked.. SO I decided to just wipe it out and re-install. Using the windows CD I was unable to get my hard drive to format. it would go to 99% and then tell me that it was unable to format the drive. Finally after some playing around the hard drive stopped responding. I went to boot up my pc and it would go through the memory scan and then the hard drives and the cdrom and dvd burner but would freeze. just a blinking cursor. I threw in another hard drive and it went through the rest of its posting. I took the problemed hard drive and put it into another pc and it did the same thing with just the blinking curser. So I ran out and purchased a new hard drive. installed it and attempted to reload XP... well it is now throwing up all kinds of issues. When I go to install windows it goes through the set up thingie and then it loades the nessacary files to load windows but it fails at various areas telling me that it is unable to find various files... I have swapped out cd roms and that hasnt helped. Its a new hard drive and i took it over to another pc that i have and i was able to get XP to load on this hard drive. This MB is only 6 months old. It's an AMPTRON and I am having a heck of a time getting them to respond to my questions regarding the MB..... Does anyone have any ideas? I would hate to buy more parts if its not needed. IF this is the motherboard. whats with the motherboard and the hard drive going out at the same time?
    I hope I've explained the problem enough that someone can help me out.
    Thanks :hotouch:
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    If your mobo has an ALI chipset, that might explain part of the troubles, they are not renowned for high quality. Check for a BIOS update for that mobo.
    Next go to and get Memtest86. Run it for 6-8 cycles and see what comes up.
    Try to only FORMAT that new HD under NTFS in another PC. Then put it in the Amptron PC and try the install again.
    Amptron is only a cheap and cheerful mobo, that you best stay clear from in future.
  3. demention

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    Yeah after doing some reading about amptron i wish i hadn't purchased. The guy at the computer place said it was a good board.. Liar!! :knock: Thanks for the help... Ill give it a try in the am...
  4. gobblet

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    When I had trouble installing windows (missing files), it was becuase of bad memory. Try removing all your memory then putting just one stick of your lowest size back in (above 128mb though) and see if you can install properly then.

    Are you connected to a network? If so I suggest just connecting direct to the internet instead of through a network, installing from fresh caused me all sorts of trouble while I was on a network until I could get sp2/ firewall/ antivirus/ antispyware installed.
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