Huge windows problems with 6600 gt......

By cheesemonkey
Feb 11, 2005
  1. have just upgraded from a nvidia 5700 ultra to a 6600 gt and have the following problems, any advise/views suggestions would be appreciated....
    the supplier suggests a driver problem but i am thinking otherwise
    as soon windows logs on, windows is unusable, can see icons being drawn ultra slow, have to move the mouse slowly otherwise it becomes jerky and disappears, to do anything major just hangs the system closing windows down resulting in a hardware failure.
    have even gone as far as a completely new installation of windows with the same problems........
    any suggestions
  2. darkenedsoul

    darkenedsoul TS Rookie

    Some specs on hardware would help us to better diagnose things. What BIOS, what motherboard/CPU, amount of memory, etc....please post this so we can try and help you out. I am looking at that card as well if I can't get my ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 256/256 working with my MSI nForce2 Delta mobo/XP 2700+ CPU combo.

  3. shadow_29

    shadow_29 TS Rookie Posts: 211

    since you have already reinstalled win xp so there is a slim chance of driver problem.if its a hardware problem than it can be a couple of things, first of all which card do you have (which company/brand)the 6800/6600 line cards are power hungry, hot running chips.firstly does the card require another molex connector to be connected separately 6600\6800 does need it,check documentation,check the power-psu how much is it rated at 200w 300w 450w???,it can be because of psu last thing that you need to check is the bios and probably the most important one,since you didnt state whether the card is agp or pci express.if agp check your mobo speed 1,2,4,8x maybe your mobo doesnt support a fast agp interface.check other agp setting back and tell me what happens.
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