By cfitzarl
Oct 31, 2006
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  1. I just got back from the eye doctor because I was having pretty severe eyeaches, especially after using the computer. I had glasses previously for reading, although barely used them. Since they were prescribed, each of my eyes' prescription went from .75 (L), .75 (R) to 1.25 (L), 1.00 (R). I got to pick new glass frames and everything. The optometrist said that I have Hyperopia of farsightedness, so basically it takes my eyes longer to focus on close objects, which can strain my eyes, even though I have a very small prescripiton. My left eye is worst than my right! Hopefully this is the reason to my whopping eyeaches.
  2. howard_hopkinso

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    Sorry to hear of your eye problems mate.

    I have terrible eyesight myself so I can sympathise.

    I actually have four pairs of different glasses. Close up/mid distance/distance/bi-focals lol. I too am far sighted.

    Provided you get the correct glasses and use them as directed you should be ok. Alternatively, if you can afford it, laser eye correction may be able to improve things for you. However, it`s a little on the expensive side.

    Regards Howard :)
  3. cfitzarl

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    Thanks for your sympathy, but I barely have a problem, so I wouldn't need surgery. It's just for when I'm taking long exams for my schooling, and when I'm on the computer for extended periods of time. I hope your eyesight gets better though :grinthumb I can see perfectly fine, I am barely able to notice a focusing time between moving my eyes to different objects (except when I space out, things get a bit blurry, but I snap back in focus when I come out of it). It gets very annoying with these eyeaches though. Thanks anyway :)!!!!

    My prescription lenses are the lowest you can buy at a drug store! It's just the fact that both of my eyes are both different strengths (although, as I said weak lenses is what makes me go with his prescription).

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