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Dec 28, 2006
  1. Ok so I had an AGP RADEON X850 PRO video card...I tried overclocking went way to high it shut my comp off a few times..so I put it back to normal and left it there..it was at normal speeds for about 8 months...but I lagged in games pretty badly like I always have...so tonight I went out and bought a AGP 8x BFG GeFORCE 7600 GS OC 512MB DDR2 memory video card....I am having the same exact problem...also awhile back I overclocked my processor to the point where the computer shut of and that also was put back to normal right after that so now I dont know what the problem is..I lag in games...CS 1.6 runs fine..source runs ALRIGHT but only at about 50FPS...these are my system specs:

    Processor: Pentium 4 3.0Ghz
    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000-G
    Power Supply: 300W AGI Model Number = HP-P3507F5W could this be my problem with lagging? The power supply? thats what I am thinkin it is..
    AGP Video card: BFG GeFORCE 7600 GS OC 512 MB DDR2 memory.
    Memory: 1gig PC 3200
    CD drives: 1 Sony Dual Layer 18X DvD/CD Burner
    Hard drives: Just 1.
    Floppy Drive: I have one but I NEVER use it
    Network Drive: Have one of those too but I NEVER use it.

    I hope I didnt leave any info out..if anyone can tell me if they also think its the power supply that would be a big help...my graphics card says a minimum 350W Power Supply...but its running..I would think if it was the supply it would not even start up my computer... GRRR SOMONE PLEASE HELP!!!! I appreciate any help and or advice. btw I do benchmarks and stuff and it says my processor is fine says its running at 3014Mhz of w/e its a 3.0Ghz Processor...so any help on the info i just gave would be awesome..Thanks guys.
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    well I dont think your power supply is delivering enough power and your vidoe card might be underpowered
    its kinda like the mobile pentium 4 that would underclock themselves to save power
    Im not sure about the 7600 because evenoguh its 512mb if IM not mistaken its DDR2 and is only 128-bit..
  3. Curtis9111

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    What video card could I buy from compusa?

    I bought this card from compusa and I lost the recipt right after I bought it...haha I was wondering if you could find one on the compusa site that you would recommend? is 128 bit and 256 bit a HUGE difference? and also do you think a 450W power supply would be good enough? bc im broke.. lol
  4. Curtis9111

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  5. nickc

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    that 300w PSU is deffinately not enough the 450 would be if it is a good brand, and the defference in 128 bit and 256 bit is a huge difference.
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