I am in need of serious sound card help! my sound ain't working

By godosnipers ยท 5 replies
Dec 12, 2007
  1. ok i have the creative, soundblaster 16 awe32 sound card, my last computer was totalled form nowhere and then when i got my new computer it didn't have a sound card at all. so i switched the creative sound card to my new computer.. it worked just 3 days ago now it isn't working. can someone help me? i tried thec reative website and it didn't give me any help, i tried placing the card in all slots it could fit, and still nothing... what more can i do?

    OH! and it's a code 10 error
  2. Tmagic650

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    Try another sound card
  3. Daveskater

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    With regards to your problem, I expect Tmagic is right in saying try another sound card but try downloading drivers from the Creative website first. If it still doesn't work then replace the card ;)
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    thanks... *sigh* sry i ain't very proper for this site.. i only regestered (sry spelling not good because i just got up) because i had a problem and all. i'll get another sound card then since there ARE no drivers on the creative website. thanks again, if you want tell the admin i'm done here and he can get rid of my account
  5. Eddie_42

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  6. sghiznaneck

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    Had a problem with my X-Fi yesterday. Had to uninstall the drivers and then delete the folders named Creative from my Program Filels. Not all the drivers will delete,especially the .dll files. Once this is accomplished, reinstall the drivers for the sound card, but make sure the settings aren't set to "Mute". Then go to the Creative web site and download the automatic update. It will then scan your hardware and select the corect drivers for you hardware. Select all the drivers for the osoftware you have installed for the card and download the drivers. It will automatically install all drivers associated with your card.
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