i am not able to access my folder

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Jun 7, 2007
  1. hi there i got some programme files affected by virus so i deleted them after scan.
    after that my laptop was not worked properly so i recover the OS by the partition provided by HP......after restoring the OS i got all files and folders back ........but i am not able to acces my videos folder which is showing 0 bytes capacity previously it was of 40 GB......even C drive showing the same space as it was showing previously.........can anybody help me out how i can access my videos folder......
  2. k.jacko

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    Are you an administrator?
    If you do not have access rights to a folder it will show as 0 bytes.
    So, if you alter the permissions on it in your favour then you should get it back.
    Unless, of course, its knacked!
  3. jobeard

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    boot into Safe Mode
    go to the folder
    backup one level
    right click on the folder
    click security tab
    on permissions, add your name and click Check Names, followed by Add
    click apply
    and finish up
  4. Tedster

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    security problems are posted in the SECURITY forum.
  5. leojacko

    leojacko TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i cannot access my folder

    thanks budy but i already gone through the same process still not got any solution my problem is at it is .........

  6. computerexpert1

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    Your account may be an administrator but you still do not have full access permissions, you might want to try using the hidden administrator account that cannot be removed and is default on all Windows OS's. First you will want to make sure the account is on to do so, go to the start menu and click run. Type CMD and in command prompt type:
    net user administrator active:yes
    (note: even though the account is active is will not be shown in the User Account Control Panel) if you have not set a password for the account and want to then get back into command prompt if you have left it and type:
    net user administrator password here
    (note: be sure there are NO spaces in your password, there should only be 3 total spaces in this command line)
    after activating the administrator account, log off of your user, and at the welcome screen press CTRL+ALT+DELETE twice, you will then get a login in screen that requires you to type your username and password, in the username box type Administrator and in the password box type the password you set it as. Now after logging into the undeleteable hidden master admin account, try to access the file. if this fails you may contact my company, me or my support staff using the following contact information. i am a computer expert, and technology specialist.

    best of luck,

    Patrick D., Chairman/Technology Director
    Atomic Programming, Inc.

    We provide technical support, our software, software of others, custom software for people, web support, website setup for people, website management for people, hardware, and office products.

    email the chairman at: pwdennis@windstream.net
    email the company: atomic_programming_inc@yahoo.com or
    email the support staff: apisupport@yahoo.com

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