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Mar 28, 2005
  1. I really need a lot of help and don't know where to go on this site to get it. Can you direct me to the right person or forum, I am lost.

    My friend uses a MAC and I have a regular PC with MSN for instant messages. The MSN is locking up her computer using NetScape so she wants to use AOL Messenger. Do I need to download AOL so we can chat and play games or can she talk to me through her AOL to my MSN?

    I don't want to download the free AOL messenger if it will conflict with my MSN because I talk to my missionary friend in India through MSN.

    Thanks for sending me the right info.
  2. isatippy

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    Hello and Welcome to techspot :wave: :wave: . You should post under Misc. Software & Utilities.
  3. elfinster

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    Trust me, I believe it. But no AOL should not have any adverse affect on your MSN, I have used both in the past without problems.
  4. jumaia

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    know anything about Mac

    What I can't understand is my friend not being able to use MSN. She downloaded the right version for her MAC but when messenger is open she cannot open Netscape browser so it is just weird, it locks up her computer. I told her years ago I would never get a MAC even though they are easier to use they aren't supported in enough programs.

    Anyway, this info for anyone out there having a similiar problem.

    thank you so much :grinthumb
  5. howard_hopkinso

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