I can't install a proper copy of windows xp=need help desperately

By siicogamer
Jul 30, 2007
  1. Hi,
    I couldn't install anything on my computer it kept coming up with errors like:
    you may have damaged disk,incomplete download or improper install.

    Alot of things i try to install doesn't work. It just comes up with errors. My computer kept restarting and i thought it was my hard drive. So i went out and bought a 160gb seagate barracuda 7200.10 rpm. It didn't have a operating system on it so i tried to install windows on it.

    Then it kept coming up with errors during the install saying stuff like: Make sure windows xp cd in the drive and it also said could not install the file. It would come up with a error message and I could browse for the file on the cd or press retry and cancel.

    I've tried both my windows xp cd's. I have one with no service packs and one with service pack 2.

    If i keep pressing retry when an error message comes up(it comes up like ten times saying different files) windows installs but i can't install any programs or games. For example i tried installing the world in conflict beta but it came up with somthing like: Setup cab does not match wit .wic . The medium is missing contact your software vendor.

    I desperately need help.
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