I can't install Internet Download Manager...plz help me

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hello everybody
I need your help urgently
I tried to install internet download manager 5.1.1 on my PC with (windows xp HE) and on the other one with(windows xp Pro), and I got on the same error message:
Could not Create temp dir in unpacker
the file name ,directoryname.or volume label syntax is incorrect
Error ID:123

what can I do to solve this problem ?
plz help me to make it work
thanks in advance


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Try renaming the install file to something simple without special characters.

Install to another folder.

Try another download manager HERE Might be just a problem with that one.
I think you miss understood me, the message just appear when I execute the installation file.
I'm already have another download programs but it's not working at all time with all sites, that's why I'm trying to find out the solution for this problem.

thx anyway


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I just downloaded IDM from HERE and it installed in 5 seconds (took a lot longer to uninstall the damn thing).

That error just means some file name or folder name or drive name has invalid characters.

Try dowloading to a different folder,or pointing the install to a different folder.
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