I can't more load WIN XP in a NORMAL way... SOS/HELP, Please !!!

By franklogus
Jul 24, 2004
  1. I have 02 HDs in my PC, and my system is with a strange problem... Yesterday, I had one problem with the initialization of my PC (it was making the CHDSK of my SECUNDARY HD every time that I had to boot the Windows - and it NEVER found ANYTHING wrong ... it was a waste of time, but, anyways, except this problem, the overall system was working well until this moment).
    I am not an expert on PC; so, I tried to load Win XP on "Security mode" (with my MAIN HD="boot" HD), but it didnt work all the times that I tried (I was not able to load the "safe mode" - strange ...).
    As this option didnt work, after (inside Windows), I used "msconfig" to change the boot settings : I choose the second option "DIANOSTIC INITIALIZATION - Load ONLY basic devices and services... OUCH!!! I am VERY regretful about this choice... After this moment, my WIN XP PRO do not more load in a "NORMAL WAY" (I cant connect to internet because my network connections "disappeared"; my sound card "disappeared", etc... But some programs works; so, I guess that my system is loading as if it is ALWAYS in a "security mode" (but the black screen, which is characteristic of security mode, not appears - The visual is identic the Win XP...), because some properties of my hardware are disabled ("disappeared").
    Another odd problem is that I cannot more to make any "restore system" (it is disabled, also - The system "says me" that THERE IS NO RESTORE POINTS TO USE)... Its very, very strange !! And my MAIN HD is new !!!!
    I installed WIN XP PRO again (MAIN HD), but the problem keeps on, unfortunatelly ...
    Please, I need some light over this problem !!! I think I have have lost some fundamental configuration ...

    PS: I am using my secundary HD to boot (Thanks GOD its working "so so"), thats how I can to connect to internet. Anyways, I need to fix this problem and use my MAIN HD in a normal way ...
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