I can't play Sims after I've installed expansion packs!!

By Sweet-Vanilla
Jul 25, 2005
  1. I want to play to Sims... I've installed expansion packs: House Party, Vacation. I am using also Sims Deluxe... In order, I have installed: Sims Deluxe, House Party, and Vacation.

    Now, I want to play!! But the problem is that when I put in my PC the Sims Deluxe CD, it says that is has to an update since I've installed other versions. When the update is finished, it says that I have to restart my computer. I did so. But there is no difference, every time I wanna play, it says to restart my computer to be able to use the program... What can I do? I restarted like 6 times and it does nothing! When I put Vacation CD, it says to put the Deluxe CD... So I have a big problem, I just can't play!!! :mad: Please, HELP ME!! :)
  2. tkp42

    tkp42 TS Rookie

    there are updates on the deluxe edition CD that you need to install that are included in the double deluxe version and should have been included with your vacation ep.

    try going to the sims web site and look for the updates. hope this helps!

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