I can't post in HOT DEALS, what's the problem?

By vnf4ultra
Sep 17, 2005
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  1. Hi, I have been having problems posting in the hot deals section for a while. I tried a few weeks ago to post a hot deal I found on the web, but my post never showed up, so I waited a while hoping that maybe the deals are censored for bad posts, but it still never appeared, so I tried again, but same result, no post. Recently I tried posting another hot deal, but this time it also wasn't posted. I don't think my posts were inappropriate or anything. I just listed a website, the price of the item, and a few comments about the item on sale. How can I get my hot deals posted?
  2. poertner_1274

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    I have validated some of your posts in that forum. One of the problems with the setup is that if it was posted on Friday, and somebody doesn't read it for moderation until Saturday, then the next time you log into TS it won't be a NEW thread, it will be listed there, but as an old thread.
    I'll go check now to see if there is one in there awaiting approval.

    EDIT: I just validated it, and probably the next time you login you won't see it as a new thread, but it will be there.

    Link as follows
  3. vnf4ultra

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    Ok, thanks.

    So all hot deals are censored?

    If so, that seems odd, seeing that many hot deals are only available for a few hours until they're sold out, or expire.
  4. Didou

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    They're not censored, they just need to be approved before showing up. That's why spammers create their spam threads in other parts of the forums because they can't post in the Hot Deals section.

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