I cant use the windows xp home upgrade cd to do a repair install on Windows xp home?

By JLZ286
Feb 10, 2005
  1. Im having a problem with my laptop. When I start it takes me a screen that says something about windows having a problem. It gives me the choices of safe mode,safe mode with networking, last known good configuration, and some others. But no matter which I choose windows always tries to start and then gets a really fast blue screen and brings me back to the same screen. I've tried everything F8,Debug,safe mode,normal start,last known good configuration and nothing works. I've been researching and found out that I could do a repair install to fix windows so I went a bought the windows xp home upgrade cd thats only $99 Since I have xp home but I didnt get a windows cd with my laptop. All I got was a Toshiba recovery cd, and the only thing that does is format my hard drive, which I really, really dont want to do. But someone told me that the $99 windows xp home upgrade cd wont work for the repair install, that I have to go and buy the $199 version of xp home. I really cant afford that right now and my none of my friends have it. So im sitting here with an unopened windows xp home upgrade box because I dont know if it will work or if I will have to return it before I open it.
  2. smurf1

    smurf1 TS Rookie

    Answer ???

    I am in the same situation - TOshiba etc. Not even sure if bought the $199 version will help, since it was factory installed. Biggest worry is losing my pictures. Computer only 3 months old - Of course not saved on disk. If I buy Home Edition - Will repair work if was factory installed?

    email kvisus@aol.com
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