I deleted my Linux partition trying to get windows back...

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Sep 15, 2007
  1. Well, I got up this morning and attempted to remove Linux from my computer. I thought I would be able to just delete that partition from my hard drive. Yes, I should have researched this first. Now I am unable to use my computer. When I power on, I get a "grub error." I tried to just boot again and press "F10" to load my recovery software, but that didn't work. It just continues to boot and I receive that error. And it gets worse...I don't have a Windows XP installation disk. Everything came pre-installed on my computer. I know there is a lot of information about this topic. I'm not really techie at this like this (obviously since I deleted the partition :eek: ). So, I really didn't understand what the other threads were saying. Could someone PLEASE give me detailed instructions on how to fix my computer? I just want Windows back!!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Jase123

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    well youd have to purchase a xp disk and then set it too boot from cd and install.................... did you have any kind of disk with your pc??
  3. fortunesnookies

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    Um..There's no another way without having to buy Windows XP? I really don't want to do that. It's not my main computer. I don't want to spend the money on buying XP (I'm a poor student).
  4. matav

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    hmm... wat about your friend-circle? some friend may have Windows XP or :evil: steal it from ur college;)
  5. jobeard

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  6. Jase123

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    I have commented in your other thread ..
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