I didn't want to start a new thread

By jonseal
Sep 5, 2009
  1. I just wanted to post an introduction. I am a computer repair tech. I work in a nice southern town. I joined this group to find out how to remove a Bios password on a dell computer. Now I find out I have to have 5 posts before I can ask someone a question.
  2. strategic

    strategic TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,020

    Welcome to Techspot :)
    Please visit this link.
    I don't know what you mean by "have to have 5 posts before I can ask someone a question", you can ask a question, whenever you need to...
    You just need 5 posts to attach a file to your post.
    If you have a question, please visit the link above and post it in the proper forum, we'll be glad to help :)
  3. red1776

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    I think its also 5 post's to link as well?? you confirm that Strat?
  4. SNGX1275

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    TS isn't the place to come to for getting around a BIOS password on a dell. Too often they are stolen laptops. So even if you post about it it will probably be closed or deleted. And if you are joining just to PM people you are joining for the wrong reasons, go to another forum.
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