i don't know how to transfer my pc game saves

By sadaya_rose
Jun 3, 2005
  1. i desperetly need somebody's help on this problem i have...i recently was forced to dump win xp from my pc and totally start fresh with re-installing windows xp home from scratch....so i backed up my game saves and everything else i didn't want to loose onto a few discs....no prob...then i transfered my data onto the pc after re-installing windows...no prob still...here is my problem(lol, yes i finally got to it;) my pc video games won't recognize the game save files after i put them back onto the pc... i cannot start from where i left off with any of my games...shame cus i def don't love the idea of having to start form the beginning on all of my games....i just need to know how to get the game save files working again....do i need to put them in a specific folder? i'm totally lost here and missing my gaming(sniff sniff) any help would be greatly appreciated..thanks much!!! :)
  2. Nodsu

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    It would sort of help if we knew what games you are talking about.
    In general you just put the savegames back where you got them from.
  3. sadaya_rose

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    i have several games that are acting this way..(1)american mcgees alice (2)the hobbit (3)dracula ressurection and the last sanctuary etc.... lol, so u see there are several...i've tried putting the files back into the "save" folder but still for some reason when i go to "load game" on the in game menu there is nothing to load, thanks for ur help btw, i'm gonna fool around with it some more, but still am open for any and all suggestions:)
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