I Dont Know If Is Best To Buy A Gaming Pc Or Be With A Ps3 Or Xbox, Any Sugestions?

By AngelOfLighT · 24 replies
Sep 21, 2007
  1. I Dont Know If Is Best To Buy A Gaming Pc Or Be With A Ps3 Or Xbox, Any Sugestions?
    For Prices Are Higher Then It Looks
  2. Howard the Duck

    Howard the Duck TS Rookie Posts: 36

    I would invest in an Xbox 360 or PS3, because games run straight out of the box (PC games are a ***** to install and run) and they have a better life range. PCs become outdated in 3 years - gaming consoles take 5 years or longer. The 360 has a bigger selection and will continue too since the PS3 is difficult to design for and more expensive, and will have many crappy ports for that reason, so I say go with the 360. It's cheaper too.
  3. Gosugod

    Gosugod TS Rookie Posts: 40

    Basically what Howard said. That's one of my big pet peeves about computers. They take so much crap to run certain games effeciently. With consoles you know they function correctly.

    As far as which console, thats a personal preference. I've always been big into RPG games so I stick to Sony since most companies makes RPGs for playstation consoles. That might change in the future seeing how PS3 isn't really having a big impact in the market right now.

    I think right now Xbox 360 is the thing to have. In the future when REAL games start coming out for PS3, PS3 will be the "thing" to get.
  4. Dennis_84

    Dennis_84 TS Rookie Posts: 101

    I would get a decent PC first because there are always great games coming out for PC. But if you don't like to play with keyboard and mouse than get a console.

    Right now people would suggest to buy X360 because Halo 3 is coming out and it's also cheaper but next year is going to be Sony's year. They are going to have so many better games and there might be price drop too this Christmas. So wait till christmas to get console and just get decent PC for now.
  5. AngelOfLighT

    AngelOfLighT TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 75

    wel deniis i like both pc and console for everything is a full varety of things.
    is diffciult to explain , but if a pc is for games is also good for another thisgs like programming and ect.
  6. Drtehrmo

    Drtehrmo TS Rookie

    Look man, think about this. Get a good *** rig now, 8800 and dual core, and your set for the next8-10 years. Get a console, and you will have to buy a new one in a few years, and not only that, you will have to buy a brand new, paying another whopping $500-$650. Thing is, for your pc, you will only have to upgrade the part, and it will cost at most half of that console. Besides you get free online gaming (as long as your not dum enough to play wow), internet, and all that good stuff. And, the pc has the widest range of games, you can play anything from an RTS to an Indie game on a pc. Now that Halo 3 has been released, the Xbox if pretty much futurless. And Dennis your are completely right, Sony is going to dominate the console market next (in a few months). Once they get those killer games out like Killzone 2, its going to be over for the xbox, since again, they dont have Master Chief to shoot all the other games out of the water. Besides, Halo 3 sucked. Im a big halo fan, and i hated Halo 3, the character models are horrible, Far Cry, 3 years older, has better graphics.
  7. A_Gonzales_3

    A_Gonzales_3 TS Rookie

    With the all the PC woes I've had, been having, and will have in the future, I'd say you'd be better off with a console for gaming. The PC is only good for first-person shooters and RTS games(although RTS games are beginning to take a hold in consoles). One could argue that games look better on the PC, but not everyone can afford a gaming quality rig with 512MB graphics cards, dual core processors and 2GB RAM. It's actually much, much cheaper to buy a current-gen console than a gaming quality PC rig, and you'll have less worries about not being able to get a game to work. I used to game almost exclusively on the PS2 before I switched to the PC, because I love RTS games. Now that I have to upgrade my once mid-range-now-low-end PC, I have to buy a new CPU, motherboard, videocard, RAM, and possibly a hard drive too. That would cost quite a lot, not to mention give me a lot of headaches. I still love my PC, though it is a love-hate relationship. :)
  8. man...that question is really starting to get to the point of splitting hairs.

    its equally arguable in either direction.this is one of those questions that doesn't have any right answer. we can only show you the advantages to owning a PC versus a console.

    i think the question boils down to what games you're interested in playing, and if you're willing to spend money. If you want to play halo, go with a console. If you want to play Bioshock I'd go with a PC because the graphics are better if you have a great rig, and for me playing with mouse and keyboard is far less difficult than playing with a console controller.

    If you want to spend less money, go for a console. if you don't really care, get a nice PC and get a great game to go with it. there are tons of good titles coming out for PC lately. call of duty 4, bioshock, gears of war, all sorts of good stuff.

    so make a decision. what games, and how much money is involved, then weight things the way these guys have done. A PC will last for 8-10 years if you design it well. the console, maybe a few years less.

    why'd you have to ask such a toughie? :3
  9. Condor

    Condor TS Maniac Posts: 388

    well OP.. owning the perfect gaming PC is like like having a lvl 80 WoW account, but the account is free ^^;

    Knowing how to build a cheap PC that allow you to play every high end game at max setting for under $900 = every gamers heaven, but to make that possible one must put some efforts into investments so you can build your one of a kind versatile PC. Don't believe me?

    well here are all my game videos running on my $900 system at max settings, and my 1.7 yr old PC [didn't upgrade once yet] spec is in my profile, and here are all my videos list.

    Heres a list of PC games saved on Xfire which I owned and played:

    with PC games, you save ALOT and i won't said how ^_^ /brag

    but all the above won't be possible if wasn't for Techspot Pros helping me gather/recommend on all my PC parts.

    Console is alot better if you want to purchase a game thats $10-20 more than a PC game, and then get to play it as soon you get home without worry about installing, updating drivers, or not meeting all the high requirements xD

    If you're those people , i advice you choose a console. They're reliable and hassle FREE! :)
  10. fimbles

    fimbles TS Evangelist Posts: 1,177   +205

    Pc all the way.. and i started on a nintendo/sega master system (after My amiga :p).. And check my specs i aint got no dellianware! go go go pc!
  11. i'd be careful about calling consoles hassle free. consoles have had their fair share of problems. disc read errors, parts that over heat and catch fire, and all kinds of other things. take those into account before you call it hassle FREE. it's just too easy to argue it as being less of a pain in either direction. both have an equal opportunity to screw you over.

    pc games are generally speaking cheaper than console games though. blu ray discs and brand spankin new games for xbox, and all those new formats are really expensive. 70 bucks a pop at the least. pc games range as high as 50 bucks for the most part. and a pc that's well built and stable won't give you any problems. if you're good about taking care of it, it can be very simple.

    maybe i'm slightly biased towards PCs, but i see more advantages behind a PC than i do with a console. but then again, my world circles around money. and a PC will end up costing less money in the end. especially if it's upgradeable. as time goes by and new parts come out, you can more easily adapt instead of shelling out hundreds, even thousands of dollars on a new console.

    600 bucks for a ps3, and then having to buy controllers, games, hd accessories, and all that other crap gets mighty expensive. and i can only FATHOM what kind of crap they'll come out with in the next gen consoles.

    PCs are undeniable in terms of how cheap they are. instead of shelling out tons of cash for that console, you can just buy the new gpu thats out there. or a new processor, and only shell out maybe 300 bucks, if that.

    in terms of the dinero, i'm PC all the way.
  12. Condor

    Condor TS Maniac Posts: 388

    well said link, Worthy of being the PC defender xD

    gota own the consoles and pc for oneself to know it good and bad and pick which benefit you the most in the long run imo. ^^v
  13. VGDictator

    VGDictator TS Rookie

    Buy a Wii. =D

    [/stirring up trouble]

    Edit: Sorry, no real reason yet other than motion sensors are really fun. =3 Also, it could help you get in shape? =)

    Edit2: Don't get a PS3. Yet. But a 360 would be nice. No opinion on PC, although I will say there are some great games for the PC (or Mac *rolls eyes*) that are FREE. =D (For example go to Data Realms, interesting physics game.)
  14. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    My advice, see what games you want to get then get whatever supports them the best. Thats exaclty what i did when deciding between an old xbox and a ps2!!
  15. COLDshiver

    COLDshiver TS Rookie

    It's up to your personal preference. It's all in how you are going to play the game. If you like controllers better, go with a console. If you like Keyboards and Mouse, go with a PC. Both sides have their own share of pros and cons.

    A PC requires more work, especially research when you buy your parts. And it's best to build your own. If you spend the money to build a great computer, you'll have no problem running games in the next few years. If you do your research and see what's new and what's not, you'll have no problem upgrading. You'll only have to buy a new vid card or a new cpu or even just more RAM. They won't cost much when compared to a total console package (console+controllers+extras). I am assuming you already have a TV and a monitor so they are out of the question. An upgrade would be much cheaper than buying a whole new console. If you build your computer right, you will be able to play most games and problems will only be with game bugs (which consoles have to deal with also)

    A console is basically a prebuilt computer that's mass produced. The specs are the same (or around the same) for every single one so developers for games only need to have a game optimized for that specific spec. so games will run fine. Games will also play right out of the box and you only need to buy a game and put it in and it'll play. What's great about consoles is that you can play with more than one person. When a new console comes out, you just buy it, no need to search for different parts from 100s of different brands.

    It's all up to you, I personally prefer PC gaming.
  16. VGDictator

    VGDictator TS Rookie

    Yes, that's it exactly. Good work. =D
  17. Mictlantecuhtli

    Mictlantecuhtli TS Evangelist Posts: 4,345   +11

    Not anymore. Now that consoles have hard disk drives too, the games get patches just like PC versions. Most Xbox 360 games won't let you play online until you update your game to the current version. And BioShock actually breaks after you patch it - but fortunately you can choose whether or not to update.
  18. VGDictator

    VGDictator TS Rookie

    Actually there's something you have to do that solves this, but I can't remember it. Sorry. =|
  19. i'm noticing that a lot of you are essentially, including myself, agreeing on the same few basic principles regarding PCs

    1) simple to upgrade
    2) easy to maintain if you take the effort
    3) cheap
    4) can be excellent if customized well
    5) and although consoles can run things efficiently right out of the box, PCs that have better hardware and better drivers can run the games above and beyond what the console can do. consoles have the limitation that they can only have decent parts that can be mass produced with as little cost as possible. there are a few games where you get immense lag that you might not get playing on a PC.

    simply put, the PC can exceed any console graphically and performance wise if the parts are well chosen. better framerates, increased responsiveness, more customization in terms of the graphics and sound, they can live way longer than the console, and you don't have to finish your homework first to go and play it =D. also, with a PC game, the developers can add more extensive maps, more details, longer plot lines than for a console. the console has to rely on using maybe 1 or 2 dics at most. a PC can use a whole bunch but can allow for a better overall experience. consoles are limited to whatever fits on the disc. given that is now changing rapidly, but i'm just mentioning what it is at the moment.

    the problems lie in the effort, time, and games desired, and those are the problem of the individual rather than of the PC. the individual has to be willing to put forth the time and effort. and that all has to be oriented based off the personal desires such as games. those three are interrelated. the rest of the arguments are related specifically to the console or the PC. so i prefer to leave effort time and games out for the most part. i can only advertise how easy it COULD be.

    as for looking to the games, it gets really problematic. a lot of more modern games are for practically all next gen systems. there are really only the precious few that deviate which are for one system only, and those are controlled by microsoft for the most part anyhow. so looking to the games for help isn't going to yield very much. it'll certainly help of course. but only to a very limited extent. and even now, certain games that come out for the consoles first eventually move to the PC as well. so that creates even more difficulty in looking to the games for help.

    i have only one more interesting point to bring up and it was raised by mictlantecuhtli. if newer games are just like PC versions, why not then stick to PC in the first place? =D
  20. A_Gonzales_3

    A_Gonzales_3 TS Rookie

    Again, I reiterate my point: A gaming quality PC is much more expensive than a next-gen console. There are also much fewer games coming out for the PC than for consoles. But then again, the added functionality of the PC can't be beat, and if you DO have the money to spend to get a high-end rig then PC is the way to go.

    One problem I've noticed with the Micro$oft systems is that most games that come out for those systems usually come out for the PC after a while or vice-versa. This generally was not the case with the PS2. The next-gen consoles could be different though. So if I'm going to choose between an XBox 360 and a PC, the PC would be the logical choice for me. BUT, chossing between a PS3 and a PC would be much harder: I'd probably go for the PS3. I'm not too stoked about the Wii, though.
  21. not necessarily. i created a gaming quality computer for 550 bucks =D.

    amd 64 x2 5600 2.8ghz
    160gig hard drive
    500watt power supply
    asrock mobo supports up to 8 gigs of memory
    radeon x1950 pro 512 mb
    2 gigs of ram from g.skill
    coolermaster case 2 built in fans 80mm intake and 120mm exhaust

    for about 720 bucks, i can upgrade to the 2900 hd, and its then gonna be practically unstoppable. and its fully upgradable.

    however, as it is, it's not very expensive in comparison to the ps3. in fact its far cheaper when you take controllers, hd accessories and everything else into account. and its almost the same price as buying an xbox 360 with controllers and a game. so i wouldn't say a gaming quality pc is more expensive. again. if you choose your parts well, you can make a very nice pc.
  22. Mictlantecuhtli

    Mictlantecuhtli TS Evangelist Posts: 4,345   +11

    And the gaming OS (& the software required) is free?

    I use the same display and the same audio setup (ie. the same screen resolution and number of speakers) for both PC and Xbox 360 gaming and have to say I don't see PC games being much better visually or aurally.
  23. you can salvage those parts and software tidbits from old computers. dvd drives and such aren't really all that much different now unless you absolutely want lightscribe or blu ray or something ridiculously expensive. and you can simply transfer XP from your old system to your new one. you know that. just wipe the old drive and install it on the new. stuff like monitors, keyboards and other peripherals aren't necessary to buy if you still have good ones.

    what i meant by that graphical and aural stuff was the finer details like being able to INCREASE the resolution and turn on sound effects that would in some cases affect performance. it's not just the number of speakers. its the graphic equalizer, environmental sounds, and other small details.....also, why you would keep resolution the same on the 360 and the PC is beyond me especially if the PC resolution can go higher. i know that if i had a card and monitor that supported higher resolutions and same if not better framerates, i'd go with that rather than the 360.

    there are ways to change things around, and there is more customizational ability with pcs. these sorts of differences are more subtle. not everyone notices it or cares for it. but nevertheless, for the enthusiast, the option is there, and for the enthusiasts, it's mighty important to be able to mess with it.
  24. Finchy

    Finchy TS Rookie Posts: 353

    Well, gaming PC, £1000 if you shop around (can find good stuff, DELL outlet has awesome offers).
    Console £300 + another £200 or so for a decent tv/monitor to play it on (unless you want the games to look aweful) + god knows how much money on accessories for it.

    Thats £500+ already.
    Add to that the extra £10-£20 on every game you buy over the PC equivalent cost.
    Also, on PC's you can get budget games for £5 each, and old console game is at least £10-£15

    Add it all up over the time you own that console, factor in all the extra stuff a PC can do (can't take an Open University course or do work or run an e-business off a console) and that console 'internet' is just a poor perverstion of the real one, thats so limited, when on PC's, anything is possible

    PS3 not looking so awesome now is it, plus a £1000 should have Direct X10, all the 'next-gen' consoles are fundamentally DX9
  25. i'm kinda looking forward to both bioshock and crysis for when i buy my rig. both of those games look fantastic.
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