I found this site because of the recent task manager error

By shortbusheros4
Aug 23, 2007
  1. i'm new to this site

    i found this site by googling the "task manager; another program is currently using this file" error. ive been reading the forums on the error and i really just dont understand all the log stuff everyone keeps posting. and from what I can understand I dont think that anyone has been able to find a solution to it yet. and i haven't either but i happened to have found a temporarily solution that it doesn't look like anyone has mentioned from what i've noticed. id tell you now how to do it but it says not to post those things in here. and i get the impression you can't post in any of the other forums until you post in here! so hopefully im right and i will get to post my own thread on the subject!

    peace! =)

    you can see my solution by going here

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