I Gotta Problem

By jpp88l
Jan 7, 2008
  1. Can anyone help please i am currently fixing up a computer for a mate of mine i genrally find them thrownout and collect to fix up for mate who don't have a pc yet because i'd rather them have a pc than a console to b honest lol.I have just found two emachine 370 and yes i have seen many a bad post about them but one works fine at the momentexcept me mates dog took a pee in the case while it has been open:( not good so in deliberation weather to turn it on again but this cpu only hads pci slots the new 1 i found has agp slot so i wanna use it for m8s computer as i find agp better than normal pci slots.The problem is this when i turn the cpu on sometimes it powers then before the beeps it will turn off but then try again and it will turn on but there is 1 beep followed by 3 beeps then 3 beeps folloewd by 1 i do nnot know what bios is in it so cannot look up to see on homepage what these beeps mean can any1 help please!!I new here this is my first post:)
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