I Hate You Intel(R)82915G/GV/910GL (Help)

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Nov 21, 2007
  1. I currently have an Intel(R)82915G/GV/910GL In my comp.I was thinking about getting guild wars but I have no idea if It will run on my garbage comp.Does Anyone know?Id like to play It,even If It doesnt look as good as it should.Please Help. ^^
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  3. Sukami

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    WOOOT!!!! CORRECT...OR click Start > Click Run > Type cmd or command and hit enter > in the ms-dos command prompt (that black screen in front of you) type dxdiag , hit enter

    After clicking yes...... go through the tabs, specifically the general and video, and see if you systems specs works with the guild wars
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    Ah Thanks so much ^^ That site was a huge help !!
    I'm relieved to know my crappy toaster can play any game at all let alone one of my choosing !! Thanks so much again!!!!!
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    you'll have to post your specs.... any computer in the last 3-4 years should play most games at moderate settings. Those with integrated graphics will have a tougher time.
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