I have a 200gb hdd, which I can only use 130gb, need help please

By haden9 ยท 6 replies
Jun 11, 2005
  1. I recently built a new pc, everything is going fine with it but I cant seem to find a way to use my hdd from 130gb to 200gb which is really it's maximun capacity. Any ideas anyone if I need a converter of some sort, can someone help me please find an answer :(
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  3. haden9

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    Thanks Didou for your quick response, but does this also work for sata drives?
    I guess i forgot to put that in also, sorry :(
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    The same applies. You could also use programs like Partition Magic. That will let you make a second partition with the 'missing' 60-70GB.
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    What OS are you using? If you aren't using XP, your OS may not be able to handle more than 137.4 GB Operating systems to include WIN 98SE, WinME require the use of a 48-bit LBA supported controller card to fully recognize higher hapacity drives. WIN2K and XP require the latest service packs.
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    Hello, I have been on other cases (and problems), and I forgot about this situation. I would like to thank all for their sugestions, am gonna try each one and see how it goes (specially with the partion magic stuff). Thanks again guys :approve:
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    I thought i'd mention other things, system restore.

    It can take at least 12% of your HDD space away! 200 * 0.88 = 176.

    But then, the hdd's "capacity" is not always correct, i have an 80Gb HDD, and it only displayed as 60Gb, and on top of that, there was system restore taking 12% (i turned it down a bit).

    The way i ended up fixing it was pretty stupid, i accidently tried to run a DOS partition program, and well, it fixed my hdd, but not to 80gb, but to 76gb, which is good enough!

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